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In addition to Thailand, Germany also called lighting manufa

popularity:Time of publication:2020-05-16
The Southeast Asian market is growing rapidly in terms of lighting products, printed circuit boards, energy storage equipment and energy creation equipment. While Thailand is located in an important area in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and even neighboring countries like India, buyers will come to the exhibition to purchase. For overseas manufacturers participating in the exhibition, they have the opportunity to contact regional market guests except for the local market in Thailand. Most of the buyers are channel merchants and regional traders, local project merchants in Thailand, etc.
Taiwan manufacturers participated in this exhibition, including delta, 3j IOT, Mingwei, Qimeng, Linhong technology, aurex, Leiyan lighting, ledlink redik, aurona, Yuhao enterprise, quanriyu industry, colorad tech, etc.
Ledenside observed that, in addition to the high demand of Thailand's local market, there are more and more project buyers who need system solutions for overall building installation planning and intelligent building integration capability. Although Taiwan manufacturers compete with foreign investors including Philips of the Netherlands, Schneider of Germany and Japan, this field is still a value A good chance to develop.
The price sensitivity of Thailand market, like other emerging markets, is too expensive to sell, except for the high margin standard case for high-level guests and Project Integrators. In the existing channel market, LED light source products are too low to be lower, while LED light products are affordable lights with a certain amount of production, which are required by the decoration and new construction projects in Thailand's local market Compared with the advanced market, lighting products are still the low and medium price line.
Taiwan's manufacturers are actively entering this regional market. The challenge is to find suitable distributors and cooperative channel partners. The business contacts obtained in the exhibition still need more business to blossom and bear fruit. However, once entering the supply chain, with the current growth rate of orders in Southeast Asia market, it is still a market worthy of investment.
Similarly, Germany, one belt, one road, has great demand for LED lighting industry. In recent years, the awareness of energy conservation in Germany has been rising. Driven by the rising energy price, the acceptance of LED lighting by German architects, public investors and consumers has increased rapidly. The growth rate of market demand has surpassed that of Britain, Italy and France, becoming the fastest-growing LED lighting market in Europe. Currently, lighting accounts for 12% of the daily electricity consumption of European households (excluding heating and water heaters). The European government hopes to achieve the goal of reducing the proportion of lighting in household power consumption to 6% by 2050 by popularizing led and other lighting methods.
This huge market demand will naturally attract many enterprises. Various local lighting exhibitions are bound to be the best way for major enterprises to dig gold in Germany. It is understood that 80% of the booths at the lighting technology expo in Essen, Germany, to be held in October 2017, have been booked.
Essen lighting electronics and accessories exhibition is a professional lighting technology system, LED electronic accessories and equipment exhibition in Germany. For lighting electronics manufacturers including ballasts and power supplies, the exhibition is the best platform, because it is an exhibition whose scope tends to be ballast, transformer and other control devices as well as drivers, converters, capacitors and other power electronics. The exhibition brings together professional target customer groups such as senior engineers, company decision-makers, wholesalers and retailers in the industry, to ensure that exhibitors display products on the top-end platform, and more directly understand the latest trends and the most advanced science and technology.