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LED light source

popularity:Time of publication:2020-05-16

Myth 1: is the higher the lumen, the better?
The lumen of the lamp should be within a reasonable range, too dark and too bright will affect the driving line of sight. There is a big difference in the lumen value of LED lights on the market, because some businesses use the concept of "theoretical value of lights" to "steal" the actual effect value ". Excessive pursuit of ultra-high lumens is a mistake in itself. The key is to see the actual needs.
Myth 2: the higher the LED power, the better
If the LED brightness is increased by increasing the power, the actual problem will not be solved. On the contrary, the problem of "the LED is afraid of heat" will not be solved, resulting in a short life.

Myth 3: which is better, LED lamp or xenon lamp?
Each car and everyone's needs are different. We can only say which is more suitable. For example, the lens of xenon lamp needs to be replaced to upgrade the reflecting bowl of the original car, which costs more. A good LED can match the reflecting bowl of the original car, so the specific situation depends on personal needs.
Myth 4: which is better for fan cooling or braid cooling?
Both of them help to dissipate heat, but the heat dissipation structure of LED lamps depends on the whole rather than a single component. And also need to consider the actual installation, different parts can not only from the heat analogy, to consider the overall heat dissipation, installation volume, assembly space.

Myth 5: are led lamp beads Kerui and Philips better?
The selection of lamp beads is based on the comprehensive consideration of brightness, light type and heat dissipation. Therefore, the selection of lamp beads is limited by itself. In addition, the shares of Philips Lumileds are used to make lamp beads. Therefore, the statement of Philips lamp beads is wrong.
Myth 6: do LED lights need ballast?
The principle of LED and xenon lamp is different, the starting mode is different, no ballast is needed, no high voltage breakdown and other problems will occur. But each lamp has a power drive.

Myth 7: Car LED lights, is it not necessary to decode?
The decoder was added because the driving computer detected the abnormality after upgrading the lights. Although the LED is low current start, no interference to most vehicles, but part of the power detection vehicle series, it needs to add decoder.
Myth 8: do LED lights need chuck installation?
For the LED lamp replaced by the halogen lamp of the original vehicle, the model corresponds to the halogen lamp of the original vehicle, and the chuck is matched with the lamp type. There are also a small number of cars are special car chuck. However, professional light changing shops have corresponding chucks, which can adjust the light type. There are also a few chucks to solve the special problems of most special cars, so the installation is worry free~

Myth 9: can LED lights be installed?
It is not 100%. Due to the limitation of structure, there is a lack of space in a few model assemblies, and no installation test has been conducted for all models. However, at present, the market led can cover more than 95% of the vehicle installation rate, most of the vehicle installation is worry free~
Myth 10: are led lights almost the same?
The difference between the advantages and disadvantages of vehicle led lies in the difference of light type, life, heat dissipation structure and materials used. The surface difference is not large, but the actual use and life difference is very large, so one cent of the goods.

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