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Take you to know LED car headlights

popularity:Time of publication:2020-05-16

Many car owners like LED headlights very much. Many people will modify high brightness LED lights by themselves. As a result, a large number of "road killers" have been created. Some people who suffer from the "high beam dog" poison hate LED lights to the bone! What is the LED headlamp that makes people love and hate so much?

Let's talk about what led is. The Chinese name of LED (light emitting diode) is actually called led, which was invented in the 1960s. The light-emitting principle of LED is to use solid semiconductor chip as the light-emitting material, which directly emits light through photon emission caused by carrier recombination. LED headlamp is a kind of lighting appliance which uses LED as light source.
The popularity of LED headlights is in recent years, but today's LED headlights are very common, among which led daytime running lights are the most common, and about 200000 models such as the top equipped Peugeot 408 (matching, pictures, inquiry) and willang GS can buy LED headlights.

The biggest reason why LED lights are popular is that they are beautiful. But in addition to beauty, there are more benefits of invisible LEDs! Compared with the traditional halogen headlights and xenon headlights, LED headlights have the advantages of energy saving, high brightness, long service life, small luminous units and rich shapes. Moreover, because most of the LED headlights are composed of a series of LED unit arrays, a series of intelligent lighting functions, such as height adjustable, automatic high and low beam switching, follow-up steering, over bend supplementary lighting, can be easily realized. LED headlights of luxury brands such as Audi and Mercedes Benz also have the function of automatically distinguishing pedestrians and road signs for brightness adjustment, which is of great benefit to the improvement of safety! Once popularized, it will never be blinded by other people's high beam lights.

But for the self refitted LED lights, it's another matter! Many drivers' self modified LED lights fail to pass the national mandatory standards, and the brightness is too large. In addition to causing driving safety hazards, it is also a question whether they can pass the annual inspection. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose the original LED lights and daytime driving lights.

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