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What should we do to abandon the "pessimistic theory" of

popularity:Time of publication:2020-05-16
Some people say that this year is the worst year for the LED industry, with a lack of positive energy. However, in retrospect, there seems to be such a "pessimistic theory" every year.
"If LED is bleak, which industry in the manufacturing industry is not bleak now?" said Du Jianjun? All walks of life. "
"It's also true that opportunities always favor those enterprises that are prepared," said the elder brother of changyuntong. The era of high brightness HV LED chips is coming. At present, the market share is only 5%, and it will reach 50% in the next three to five years. "
Zhou Ming and Lin Mingfeng are full of confidence: "although there are many and disorderly LED LED lighting enterprises, we believe that there will be a number of world brands in the future. And the LED display industry will soon be the world of China. "
Facing the same tree, some people see green leaves, some see caterpillars. This is the so-called "someone sees the hole". Someone sees the hole.
If we don't talk about the future, I think this is the most mixed era of LED industry so far, but also the most prosperous era. We need to see both green leaves and insects. There is an ambiguous relationship between them that can play a chemical role.
At the end of last year, 15 top executives in the industry, including Wang Donglei, Liu Tong, Shao Jiaping, Zhou Xuejun, Li Jiannan, Lin Jiliang, and Xiaomi gaoziguang, a cross-border person, predicted the situation in 2015. Their views almost coincided - 2015 is the key year of the pattern. This means that a variety of mergers and acquisitions, reshuffle of intense performance. If it is more than half of this year, the prediction will come true.
However, we should be aware that the more intelligent and intelligent entrepreneurs are, the more they will focus on their products in this uncertain time, not slacken the control of core strategies, and more importantly, never deviate from the right track. The so-called more turbulent times, the more heroes can be born, and the true man is not afraid of fire and water. This is a good opportunity for the legendary powerful people to create prosperity. We think it's time to talk about glory.
"In the impetuous industry, enterprises are faced with survival problems, and people in the industry are inflated. At this time, we are not hammer technology supported by Luo Yonghao, a fan who can sell his feelings. This unrealistic, ungrounded, and full of feelings is bound to be unpopular, unpopular, worthless, and doomed to death."