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Looking at the development of sports industry is it a new ou

popularity:Time of publication:2020-05-16

Economic Observer News, according to media reports, Lehman shares, alto electronics, double image shares, Pathfinder, Rhine sports and other sports related stocks have been frequently investigated by institutions recently.
Facing the reshuffle and industrial restructuring of traditional manufacturing industry, the efficiency of capital allocation of financial industry needs to be improved. The contribution of export and investment to the overall growth has become more and more limited in the short term. How to improve domestic demand has always been a difficult problem for China's sustained and rapid economic growth. Regardless of the integration and upgrading of service industry, based on a large population base and growing body In terms of demand, the cultural and sports industry is undoubtedly a strong support point for economic growth in the next 10-20 years. With the rapid development of entertainment industry in the past 10 years, sports industry has undoubtedly become the next territory that entrepreneurs need to occupy.
Another outlet behind mobile Internet
As early as September this year, relevant organizations have conducted research on the sports industry stocks of Rhine sports, noble birds, shuangxiang Co., Ltd., focusing on the current development situation and future planning of the company's sports industry.
In fact, it's not just investment institutions, but industry leaders have already cut into the sports industry. On February 10 this year, Wanda announced to take the lead of three well-known institutions and the management of Swiss Yingfang to acquire 100% equity of Swiss Yingfang sports media group. At the beginning of September, Alibaba Group announced the establishment of Alibaba sports, officially and comprehensively layout the sports industry. LETV sports has invested heavily in the copyright of events, achieving an average of 4000 live events per year
Sports industry is not a new industry in China. In 1949, just after the birth of new China, the all China Sports Federation was established, and the National Sports Committee was established in 1952. Since then, the body committees at all levels have also been established. The education sector, the Communist Youth League, trade unions and the army have all established sports institutions. However, it is this kind of administrative structure with strong and long atmosphere that causes the market value and commercial development of the whole sports industry in China to lag behind.
In October and December 2014, the opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of sports industry and promoting sports consumption (No. 46 document) and the opinions of the General Administration of sport on promoting the reform of the examination and approval system of sports events were successively released, and the implementation of "canceling the examination and approval of sports events" was carried out. All areas not prohibited by laws and regulations should be open to the society. In August 2015, the Chinese Football Association officially decoupled from the General Administration of sport, and the most difficult field of football reform was finally loosened.
The market power accumulated for decades ushered in blowout.
Compared with the overseas sports industry, the proportion of China's sports industry in GDP is only 0.6%, far lower than 2.9% in the United States and 2.0% in the world. According to No. 46 document, by 2025, the total scale of sports industry will exceed 5 trillion yuan. This means that the compound growth rate of sports industry in the next 10 years will reach over 27%. In addition, according to conservative calculation, China's GDP in 2025 should be 100 trillion yuan, 5 trillion yuan means that the output value of sports industry will account for 5% of China's GDP.
Zhang Dazhong, who is at the helm of Ali sports, said that with the implementation of document 46 and the maturity of domestic economic development, the sports industry will become another outlet after the mobile Internet.